Constitution, Work Plan & Forms


PNGWIMA Conference participants at Lamana Hotel, Port Moresby 26-28 June, 2016

The main objectives of PNGWIMA in consultation with other relevant organizations such as the Maritime Administration (PNG National Maritime Safety Authority), Department of Transport, PNG Ports Corporation and associations such as PACWIMA and the will be to:

  1. Actively participate in negotiation, policy formulation, implementation and enforcement
  2. Raise awareness of the social responsibilities of women and families in the seafaring communities
  3. Collaborate with National and regional training institutions and other maritime sector organizations to identify work place opportunities and sea time for women
  4. Educate seafaring coastal communities primarily targeting women and children
  5. Encourage participation of local communities in promoting cleaner oceans
  6. Establish a good relationship with all stakeholders who are involved in maritime sector
  7. Channel information utilizing appropriate forms of media and public awareness programs
  8. Undertake all other activities that the association deem necessary and in compliance to the charter.

PNGWiMA is grateful to PNG's Maritime Administration (National Maritime Safety Authority), for housing and funding our Secretariat Office.

Pictured below is the sole Secretariat staff, Miss Sorame Geita, who commenced duties on 19/02/2018. She possess a Diploma in Business Management from the Port Moresby Business College and is no stranger to the Maritime Industry, given her previous employment with V.Ships PNG Ltd., as the Fleet Coordinator.

Sorame's primary task is to create a database that would capture all vital information regarding:

1.the female workforce in PNG's Maritime Industry (both onshore and sea going vocations);
2. females enrolled in the Maritime Training Institutions.

We encourage all females in the industry to contact Sorame on email: to get a database form to fill and submit back to us so that you can be captured in the database and thus enable us to connect you to any training opportunities that suit your professional background.

PNGWiMA thanks The Department of Transport, PNG Ports Ltd., & the National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA) for renewing your Corporate Membership for this year. We are grateful for your continuous support over the year's, since our establishment in April 2007.

Contact Us:

Papua New Guinea Women in Maritime Association (PNGWIMA)
PO BOX 855
Port Moresby
National Capital District (NCD)
Papua New GuineaPhone: (675) 3054 696

Ms. Tania Maha -
& Administration Officer at Rural Transport Infrastructure Development Division, DOT.

PNGWIMA members during one of its Coastal Clean up campaigns along the Papuan Coastline, Port Moresby.

Papua New Guinea WIMA Profile

Ms.Lucy Pilai -
Executive Officer
& Training Officer at Department of Transport, PNG.

Papua New Guinea WIMA- Executive Committee

Ms. Silina Tagagau -
Co-opted Member
& GESI / Gender Manager at Rural Transport Development Division, DOT

Ms. Tania Maha -
& Administration Officer at Rural Transport Infrastructure Development Division, DOT.

Ms. Jacqueline Watur -  Vice President & Maritime Port Terminal Manager, Lae Port at PNG Ports Corporation Limited.

Ms. Nancy P Pela - President & Community Development S Officer at National Maritime Safety Authority, PNG.

The Papua New Guinea Women in Maritime Association (PNGWIMA) is a major, national interactive forum for Papua New Guinea women employed in the maritime sector to discuss and debate issues of concern to the nation's maritime industry as well as to promote solutions and opportunities to overcome challenges faced by women working in the wider maritime sector.

PNGWIMA was established in April, 2007 in conjunction with Pacific Women in Maritime Association (PACWIMA) during its first meeting. There were representations from Department of Transport, National Maritime Safety Authority, PNG Maritime College, Community Water Transport Project and PNG Ports Corporation Limited. PNGWIMA has been incorporated under Section 7 of the Associations Incorporation Act with PNG Investment Promotion Authority (PNG IPA) and is recognized as a legal entity that will voice for women employed in the maritime sector.

The purpose of the association is to promote awareness and opportunities for women involved in the maritime sector in PNG.

The goal of PNGWIMA will be to act as a united voice to promote awareness and assist in the following important areas:

  1. Gender Equity and Social Responsibility
  2. Education, Training and Career Opportunities
  3. Safe Shipping/ Boating Practices
  4. Protection of Marine Environment