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To increase the involvement of women in the Pacific maritime sector by creating a platform and forum to:
(i) Advocate gender equity.
(ii) Promote education, training and career opportunities for women.

(iii) Recognize the social responsibilities relating to women.

(iv) Promote cooperation, friendship and understanding through the exchange of knowledge and the dissemination of information. 

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To give context to where PacWIMA is today, we take you back to 1988 when IMO was in the frontline of UN specialized agencies in forging a realistic programme for the integration of women in the maritime sector. The first strategy document was grounded in the vision of equality, enshrined in the UN Charter.

Then, as now, capacity building is the touchstone of integrating women in the maritime sector, with the motto for IMO’s gender program being “Training – Visibility – Recognition”.

The integration of women in the maritime sector remains IMO’s primary means for achieving the UN-wide commitment to gender equity as prescribed under the Sustainable Development Goal, notably SDG 5 “ACHIEVE GENDER EQUALITY AND EMPOWER ALL WOMEN AND GIRLS".

IMO’s gender strategy for the integration of women in the maritime sector included the establishment of regional associations for women maritime professionals. There are 7 Regional Maritime Associations, namely (1.) PacWIMA; (2.) Professional Women in the Maritime and Port Sectors of the West and Central Africa region; (3.) Arab International Women’s Maritime Forum for Middle East and North Africa and Africa; (4.) Women in the Maritime Sector in the Eastern and Southern Africa Region; (5.) Women in Maritime, Asia; (6.) Women Managers in the Maritime Sector, Latin America; and (7.) Women in Maritime Association Caribbean (WiMAC).

Cook Islands | Federated States of Micronesia | Fiji | Kiribati | Nauru | Niue | Palau | Papua New Guinea | Samoa | Solomon Islands | Tonga | Tuvalu | Vanuatu

To enable the visibility of women in the maritime sector and connect, educate and inspire women and promote female maritime professionals in the Pacific. 

In realizing these aims, PacWIMA ensures that it is concerned with the general welfare of the Pacific women in the maritime community.

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